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Senior Java Developer

SecurePay Feb 2020 – current

SecurePay is one of the global leaders online payment gateway services. Their technology integrates with banks and other financial institutions, and offers back-office capabilities to the merchants themselves. Primary responsibilities of this position are:

  • Development of new payment methods (Alipay/WeChat pay) into merchant portal and in-house intranet applications using Java 8, JSP and Spring framework.
  • Development of new microservices to support merchant Alipay/WeChat pay onboarding process with Java 8 and Spring boot framework.
  • Uplifting SecurePay REST APIs that allows merchant to increase and cancel pre-authorization amount with credit card using Kotlin, Spring boot framework and docker.

Senior Software Engineer

NAB Jul 2019 – Nov 2019

The Microservice and Batch engineering team in NAB design and develop core banking services such as authentication, account and transaction history using microservice architecture. Authentication is one of the core services delivered to other bank technology teams, enabling them to use OTP and secret question functionalities in their development and deployment. Primary responsibilities of this position were:

  • Migrating existing microservices from Solaris platform to AWS cloud.
  • Refactoring the Gradle build tool, unit test cases, integration tests, component tests and contract tests.
  • Documenting the migration processes for other teams.

Senior Software Engineer

NAB Jun 2018 - Mar 2019

Engaged in QuickBiz online loan application portal development. QuickBiz is one of the flagship products NAB delivers to bankers, enabling them to offer effective, one-stop loan services to Australian small businesses. Key activities included:

  • Developing web-based loan online application for bankers using Angular 6, Java 8 and Spring boot.
  • Maintaining Jenkins pipeline Groovy scripts and configuration.
  • Performing code reviews and refactoring.
  • Configuring AWS CloudWatch to enable EC2 resources monitoring.

Senior Java Developer

Cubane Consulting Jun 2016 – Jun 2018

Cubane consulting provides University Executive Teams insight into their support service efficiency and effectiveness. By collecting data on staff and operational activities via online applications, they empower university leaders around the world to make better-informed strategic decisions. Primary responsibilities of this position were:

  • Developing web-based Angular/Java applications to collect staff operational data.
  • Developing reusable web components to be applied in various projects using Angular 5 and library generator.
  • Setup and maintain development environments from scratch using Maven, Git, Spring framework, node, NPM, Angular CLI and other tools.
  • Developing security module by integrating with SAML server (SSO) and AWS key management services using Spring Security and AWS SDK.
  • Refactoring existing applications from Struts 2 to Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular 5, PrimeNG, Spring boot and security.

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