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Thompson reuters
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Project History

Software Development & Support Lead

Thomson Reuters November 2016 to July 2018

As Software Development & Support Lead, Fahad provided development support for a number of web applications. He also led the development and enhancement of its supported systems, including their in-house built CMS and Data Ingestion Application.

Senior Java Developer

Education Services Australia Jun 2019 - July 2020

At Education Services Australia, Fahad was involved in upgrading their Scootle application. It was developed 10 years ago, and was in need of a overhaul. While at ESA, some of Fahad’s key wins included:

  • Changing the software Scootle was using from Spring 2.5 to use Spring Boot 2.17, Spring Framework 5.19 on Java 11 with Postgres 11.5.
  • Migrating user passwords and making them ISM compliant
  • Setting up the servers

Upgrading the search engine to provide recommendations to users for educational content

Development Lead / Senior Developer

Refinitiv September 2018 to March 2019

At Refinitiv, Fahad worked on, a lead generation website. Refinitiv have a range of products, and Fahad wanted to gain new audiences for each product. He was working with a global team and was able to lead them seamlessly.

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Bachelor of Computer Science (3.95 CGPA) - Honours: Summa Cum Laude

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