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Project History

Senior Cloud Engineer

WSO2 2017 - 2019

WSO2 is an open source integration vendor, helping digitally driven organisations enhance their business through agile integrations. Amanda played an integral role in simplifying the customer experience easier through implementing smart design and pushing for the best results.

Amanda worked on developing a range of API gateways, allowing WSO2 to be used in different ways by different businesses. She developed significant architecture around WSO2’s cloud capabilities and allowed customers to use self-service portals and analytics features to enhance the benefits of WSO2.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Designing the architecture of hybrid API gateway for WSO2 cloud to be deployed across on-premise data centres and public cloud infrastructures
  • Implemented the API synchronization technique between the micro gateway and WSO2 API cloud, enabling customers to use self-service portals and analytics features offered by the SaaS API management
  • Assisted customers with the deployment of micro API gateways in on-premise data centres, as well as in public cloud platforms including AWS, GCP and Azure, supporting the integration of the gateway with the WSO2 API cloud.

Tools and technologies used include:

  • Agile
  • AWS
  • Spring Boot

Software Engineer

London Stock Exchange Group 2015-2016

Amanda worked as a Software Engineer with MillenniumIT Software, who are part of the London Stock Exchange Group, a global financial markets infrastructure business. While at MillenniumIT, Amanda's key wins included:

  • Designing and implementing an anomalous trading platforms configurator
  • Developing an R package for identifying and visualising anomalies in stock trading patterns
  • Developing an integration for internal software to be compatible with the pattern configurator using RCPP
  • Key technologies used included: C + +, R

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Moratuwa University

Bachelor of Science - 2012 - 2016


Graduate Researcher - Univeristy of Melbourne


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