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Project History

Senior Front-End Developer

ReadCloud July 2019 - 2020

While working at ReadCloud, Alex was able to come in and take over from their main developer on their main project. Alex was instrumental in improving the company’s ReadCloud Reader, an innovative way for educators to streamline their in-classroom resources. While at ReadCloud, Alex was able to:

  • Lead a custom-build development
  • Exponentially improve the performance of the ReadCloud Reader
  • Build things from the ground-up, while taking over on a project without much infrastructure or information available
  • Key technologies used included: React, Redux, MongoDB and the AWS Suite

Freelance React Developer

Various Customers - Toyko, Japan July 2018- April 2020

A sabbatical in Tokyo allowed Alex to experience a different country and culture, while continuing to work. Given the universal nature of code, he was able to work with other developers and have a mutual understanding of what was going on – while not necessarily speaking fluent Japanese. It’s a testament to his ability to integrate into any team across the globe. The highlight of his stay in Japan was a six-month period at LanCul assisting with fixing their internal toolkit, including:

  • Developing their Teacher Café portal, used to manage teacher work schedules
  • Creating custom features, as well as attending to bug fixes
  • The portal allowed for real-team teacher schedules to be published to the portal
  • Key technologies used included: ReactJS, Redux, WordPress APIs

Technical Strategist/Senior Developer

BBE Melbourne 2017-2018

At BBE Melbourne, Alex was able to work across a range of accounts – including helping Medibank develop an end-to-end Salesforce solution to deliver personalised content to each Medibank user. Alex was instrumental in:

  • Building a custom analytics tool
  • Drawing data from other websites to build a profile on Medibank customers
  • Categorising articles to assist with effective distribution to each user

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