Our success as individuals is what makes us a team.

The only work our consultants do is the work they love. By continuing to help our members reach an even bigger audience with their insight and contribution to the industry, we've created a network of mutually supportive, highly motivated industry specialists.


Meet the Collective:

We help our members grow their public profile and secure more of the work they truly enjoy:

Your Own Personalised Landing Page

We'll collaborate with you on a fully-designed web page--including professional head shots--showcasing your achievements and giving prospective clients a sense of what it's like to work with you.

Promotion of Your (and Our) Unique Brand

Our brand strategy is simple: celebrate our individual contributions and achievements online, as a collective. Together, we represent a formidable base of knowledge and capability, and each of us makes our brand stronger.

Public Relations and Media Exposure

We'll uncover opportunities for you to speak at events, contribute to industry discussions and comment on relevant publications. Our marketing and community manager is constantly on the hunt for PR opportunities for our members.

Engagements and Contract Negotiation

Think of our operations team as your personal agents: we'll help you find the work you WANT to do, handle the paperwork and negotiation, and even produce case studies when the work is done to boost your profile.

We act as the sales and marketing engine for the members in our technology collective, constantly scouting newly qualified projects and promoting our consultants' presence in the IT marketplace. We believe the greatest success is achieved by empowering YOU, the individuals who do the work and get the results. By providing free PR and marketing services to our individual members, we attract the best people in the field while simultaneously growing the ongoing awareness of our brand as a whole.

By giving you direct access to IT line managers, we free you up to do the thing you do best: consulting and solving complex business problems in niche markets where your services are in demand. And because we run lean, we're able to pass on our savings to you in the form of higher than average daily rates and compensation for fixed price engagements.

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