Have you got the skills and the passion?

Our network of independent consultants includes some of the top talent in the industry. That's because we work hard to support them on their career path: with marketing and promotion that benefits every individual, and opportunities for compensation you can't find anywhere else.

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How do I get in?


Are you known to a Collective member?

Get them to introduce you! We thrive off referrals from within the collective and would love to meet you. Knowing someone in the collective doesn't guarantee entry (everyone ultimately goes through the same application process), but it does help get the conversation going.


Consultant Assessment

You may be a great technologist, but are you a great consultant? Our collective members are highly experienced, able to address the business problems of our customers and communicate the solutions effectively. With that in mind, we'll assess your consulting and customer-facing skills, in addition to your technical ability.


Technical Interview

Everyone in the Amplify Technology Collective undergoes a thorough skills test, aligned with their areas of expertise and conducted by one of our principal technologists.


Sign the Papers

You'll be provided with a contract outlining the services and benefits you can expect, along with their terms and conditions. This is the easy part...

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