Ushering In The Talent Economy

We're a consulting firm specialising in enterprise software development and delivery--without a permanent staff of consultants!

We run live talent pools of passionate, independent experts and assemble bespoke teams when they're actually needed.

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Since our consultants are independent and only take on the work they love, they've each accumulated a depth of knowledge and experience you just don't see among a typical workforce. Their personal drive and ability to self-manage are what places them among the top talent in the industry.

In other words, you'll never have to wait for our best people to be available. They're the only people we've got.

The key benefits to this approach are:

  1. More specialised teams
  2. Faster project starts
  3. Significant savings on project cost
  4. Better project outcomes
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Nothing hits the target like talent.

We recognise the very best IP lives in the individual, not the organisation. When you put the right person on a project, magic happens every time.

This is our recipe for success--simple, lean and reliable:

Actionable strategy update 2 x 3x

Set the Strategy

One of our principal consultants works with you to understand your biggest challenges and opportunities, define a strategy that will meet your goals, and scope out an initial phase of work.

Talent curation update 2x

Assemble the Talent

Our account team coordinates with the principal consultant to put together the perfect team for the job, drawing from our Amplify talent pool. We then initiate and on-board the team with you.

Management and delivery update 2x

Own the Outcomes

We ensure you get the right outcomes by providing technical guidance and delivery management along the way. We work beside your team, helping you raise your internal capability while retaining your intellectual property.

We do things differently--and it works.

Since we don't maintain a permanent staff of consultants, our operating costs are lower and the price-points we offer are very competitive. It also means your team is made up of highly motivated experts with exactly the right skills for the job--not just the best of whomever is available.

Our principal consultants work closely with each team to manage the projects they deliver, keeping them tightly-knit and focused on your requirements, while our account managers act as your single point of contact for any changes in scope or strategy along the way. We hold ourselves accountable for every project outcome, staying in close communication with you every step of the way.


Touch base with us and book a time to meet one of our consultants.